Send Registration Custom Fields to Order Email

Send Registration Custom Fields to Order Email
Create unlimited number of Custom Registration Fields (Address & Personal Info) which will be propagated in all sections of your OpenCart website, Order Information and Order Confirmation Emails. You can set any kind of NEW Field like: VAT ID, BANK ID, SSN, TAX ID, Driving License ID, of any Type: Text, Select, Radio, Checkbox, Date etc.

NEW! By using our new FREE Add-on Format Registration Custom Fields, you can format Address and Account fields (including Custom Fields) in a more customer friendly way:
- the field names will be Bold;
- blank fields will not be displayed (e.g. Address2 field in the view below).

DEMO for OpenCart v3
Credentials[/b]: USER: demo PASSWORD: demo

DEMO for OpenCart v2
Credentials[/b]: USER: demo PASSWORD: demo

Special Features:
    - Create Unlimited number of Custom Fields (e.g. VAT ID, Bank, Bank Account, VAT Payer etc.);
    - Custom Fields available in Order History, Address Book, Checkout, Invoice, Dispatch Note, Admin Order Details;
    - NEW! Ability to Display or Hide specific Custom Fields based on needs;
    - Custom Fields sent by Order Confirmation Email to Customer and Store Owner;
    - Easy to Install and use;
    - Set specific Custom Fields for Address or Account - Personal information;
    - Full flexibility: use any Type of field you need: Text, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Date etc.
    - Custom Fields propagated to all corresponding areas of your website (Admin and Front End), as can be seen in the list below);
    - Compatible with baseline Opencart versions,,,,,,,,,,,,,;
    - Compatible with Journal Opencart theme and PavoThemes for OpenCart.

    The Custom Fields (Address & Personal Info) will be propagated to the following areas:
    Store Front:
    ­ [list] - My Account –> Edit Personal Information;
    ­ - My Account –> Address Book Entries;
    ­ - My Account –> Address Book Entries –> Edit Address;
    ­ - Order History –> Order Information;
    ­ - Checkout –> Billing Details –> I want to use an existing address;
    ­ - Checkout –> Billing Details –> I want to use a new address;
    ­ - Checkout –> Delivery Details –> I want to use an existing address;
    ­ - Checkout –> Delivery Details –> I want to use a new address;

Order Confirmation Email:
    - Confirmation Email to Customer (Account, Payment&Shipping Address);
    ­ - Confirmation Email to Store Owner ((Account, Payment&Shipping Address).

    - Orders (Payment Address, Shipping Address);
    ­ - Order Invoice;
    ­ - Order Dispatch Note;
    ­ - Customers – Edit Customers (General, Address).

Disclaimer: The Extension has been tested with baseline Opencart installation. Other mods installed on your Opencart website may alter the behaviour of the Extension

For questions, issues or special customizations please send an email to


What customers say about Send Registration Custom Fields to Order Email

I am a long time user of Opencart but with the version I couldn't find a plugin that could send also the customer e-mail to the store admin. Which is to my opinion a complete miss from Opencart. Mihai from OCMDev helped me out in no time by rewriting a piece of code they have what can fix this problem. This is a must have extension for Opencart!
Good extension for custom fields use


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