Min / Max Order Limitation

Min / Max Order Limitation

This extension is useful to add verification limit of order at checkout page. Define min/max limit over order subtotal or order total, also can define min/max limit on cart quantity. This work based on customer groups, you can define different min/max limits and message for different customer groups.

Prevent checkout until condition not met
Individual customer group settings
Define minimum limit or maximum limit on cart order sub-total or order total
Define minimum limit or maximum limit on cart quantity

Multi-lingual customize error message based on scenario
Multi store compatible
Prevent checkout when min or max limit requirement not match and trigger appropriate message
Separate limitation can set on separate customer groups

Work with major themes like Journal, shoppica theme, fastor theme, mijo shop, etc
All Themes Compatible
Free support for quick checkout or default checkout in case not work
No core file changes
Easy Installation with Extension Installer
OCMOD Compatible
One Time Free Installation Support is provided
Quick and reliable support

1. Demo Default Customer Group : demo@demo.com
Password: demo

2. Demo VIP Customer Group : vip@demo.com
Password: demo

Contact for free installation and best support.
We support our clients and help them to install and understand how to use this extension.

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Support Email: codinginspect@gmail.com


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