Payment Restrictions & Fees

Payment Restrictions & Fees
This module will let you to fine tune the payment methods to fit your business needs.
With its help, you will be able to restrict payment methods by order value, customer history, customer group, country, products / categories of products, shipping methods and other different attributes and their combination.
Also this extension will help you to set a payment fee - optional - and transfer this to the customer.


Payment restrictions based on order total.
The extension makes it possible to apply limitations of payment methods based on order total.
Example: restrict a payment method if cart total exceeds a certain amount

Apply payment restrictions by customer history
Example: payment method 'cash on delivery' can be disabled if is customer first order.

Payment restrictions based on product / category
Example, you can disable any payment method for an specific product or products in a particular category.

Payment restrictions based on shipping information
The module will let you use shipping method to limit payment options.
Example, Cash on Delivery can be disabled for carriers who do not accept this delivery method.

Payment restrictions based on order currency
Example: restrict PayPal method for unsupported currency.

Apply payment restrictions by customer group
If you have special groups and want to provide them a unique payment option which will be disabled for other customer groups.
Example : enable Cash on Delivery method only for a special group.

Apply payment method restrictions by customer country
Example: restrict PayPal method for unsupported countries.

Fees for various payment methods such as cash on delivery or PayPal can increase your business costs.
This extension allows you to transfer these fees to customers and reduce costs to a minimum.
1. Fixed fee.
- Charge your customers the same fee regardless of the amount of the order.
2. Percentage Fee
- Charge a fee depending on the amount of the order.
3. Fixed + Percentage Fee
- Charge a flat rate plus a percentage fee depending on the amount of the order.
4. No Payment Fee
If the order exceeds the configured amount no fee will be charged.

- Include the PayPal fee in the customer's invoice
- Charge your customers a fee for Cash on Delivery method.


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