PayPal Marketing Solutions

PayPal Marketing Solutions
Learn about your customers' shopping behaviors on your site with new marketing tools in your PayPal business account. Access customer insights and display customizable marketing messages from PayPal on your site – all at no extra cost.

What will my customers see?

Once you start promoting PayPal Credit on your website, your customers will see a one-line message at the bottom of the screen reminding them they can have more time to pay with PayPal Credit – you still get paid upfront, with no risk. The message can be dismissed in one click, and only shows up to 3 times per user session.

Benefits to you:

Easy to add promotions to your site, and you can turn them on and off at any time
Up to a 68% larger transaction sizes for customers using PayPal Credit*
You'll get free insights into the shopping activity of visitors who browse your site.
* As reported in Nielsen's PayPal Credit Average Order Value Study for activity occurring from April 2015 to March 2016 (small merchants) and October 2015 to March 2016 (midsize merchants), which compared PayPal Credit transactions to credit and debit card transactions on websites that offer PayPal Credit as a payment option or within the PayPal Wallet. Nielsen measured 284890 transactions across 27 mid and small merchants. Copyright Nielsen 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will my shoppers see?

When shoppers visit your website they will see a dismissable message about the PayPal Credit offer. Clicking on the message will expand the PayPal Credit offer so customers can learn more about the financing available to them.

What data does the App collect?

The App, when installed on your site, collects PayPal web visitor and customer data including cookies, browser device and type, IP address, page impressions and clicks, URL and your merchant ID. This information is used to generate insights about your business.

What are Visitor Insights?

Visitor Insights are generated by PayPal to provide information about the shopping activity of PayPal visitors and customers on your website. PayPal generates these insights by combining data that is aggregated and anonymized from your website with data from its network.

What are Credit Insights?

Credit Insights are generated by PayPal to provide anonymous and aggregated information about your website visitors with Paypal credit accounts.

Will the App make my website slower?

No, the PayPal promotions will not load until your website is completely loaded.

Is there a charge for the App or this PayPal product?

There are no additional charges to use the App, or to display PayPal promotions or use insights. PayPal transaction fees will continue to apply to your sales.

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