Dependent / Related Options for Opencart 3.x

Dependent / Related Options for Opencart 3.x
Module is designed to set related-to-option values for goods (eg. colour and size). Thus it gives a way to account goods on stock depending on option combinations. Option combinations also can have different prices.

Fields "Parent option" and "Parent option value" by a certain product at the admin panel (tab "Options") are used to create related options.

By a store front the related option is shown only after choosing some parent option value. After that related-to-option values are available according to a chosen parent option value. For example, related-to-colour size.


login/password: demo/demo.

Video demo: related_options_youtube

Compatible themes:!
- Default
- Journal 2
- Journal 3
- Basel
- Getcart
- Homecrest

If you need that images automatically changes when dependent option is chosen - this mod will be useful:
Product image change for related options with price auto-update

Adaptation to your theme is a payable service and depends on a structure and realisation of it.
We can't guarantee supporting of all the existing templates. And it is not a reason for Refund.
Be carefull if you have some other extensions that work with product options. Some conflicts may occur.
Support is offered for 12 months after purchase and does not include compatibility issues with other modules or developing in your order.

v.3.1.11 - 15.07.2020
    - The algorithm of work of the connected options in a basket is completely rewritten
    - Other improvements

v.3.1.10 - 11.09.2019
    Adding support of theme: GetCart
    Auto-recalculation mechanism update when selecting an option + the quantity of items price counting

v.3.1.8 - 21.08.2019
    Tooltip has been expanded when adding a new product option: displaying 15 options, instead of 5 standard
    Default template bug fix with footer
    Adding support of themes: Basel, Homecrest

v.3.1.7 - 04.06.2019
    Copying items with related options
    Default template bug fix with footer

v.3.1.5 - 23.04.2019
    Built-in automatic cleaning system cache when updating
    Added intellectual installation of the module
    The layout of the settings page for Opencart 3 standards has been completely changed
    Optimization and improvement of the code
    Correction of the option editing mechanism: earlier when adding a new option, a line with parameters was added and a request to the server was sent imperceptibly. Until such time as the server returns a response, the user has already been able to change several parameters, which, after returning the server’s response, were implicitly reset. Now at the time of the ajax request, the options panel is shaded
    Improved language files
    More information is displayed in case of errors
    Built-in check for the php max_input_vars parameter on the server. If this parameter is 1000, the user will see the corresponding warning when entering the module settings.

What customers say about Dependent / Related Options for Opencart 3.x

flavio amaral
Fiquei satisfeito com o módulo que vai ser muito útil, pois para quem tem mais opções de produtos ele vai ajudar muito a fazer uma ligação entre cores e tamanho por exemplo , no caso de quem usa a versão Opencart Brasil só solicitar o suporte que ele enviará o módulo adaptado para nossa versão.
~flavio amaral
Great extension and great support!!! Thanks for everything...


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