BotBanish Firewall Client

BotBanish Firewall Client
We Don't Report Abuse - WE STOP IT!!!

The Ultimate Bot / Spider / Bad User fighter! BotBanish will monitor and recognize bots / spiders / bad users by their behavior and banish them from your system without any user intervention. Dynamically block bad bot / spiders / bad users from your websites and forums. BotBanish will also help defend against Denial of Service, SQL / PHP injection and remote control attacks. Just install it and forget it! BotBanish will do the rest. BotBanish will automatically discover new bots by their behavior and signatures and block them. Not all bots obey the robot.txt files but we discover and stop them too. BotBanish is your best defense against unwanted traffic.

What is BotBanishClient:

BotBanishClient is an application that will monitor bad BOT/Users that are possibly attempting to do harm to your system by performing brute force attacks in an attempt to create an account on the system or probing to find vulnerabilities on your site.

How It Works:

BotBanishClient will check each user for certain URL phrases that used to find a way to thwart the system in order to create an account so that they or it can SPAM the system. If BotBanishClient detects that a "user" is guilty of searching for vulnerabilities, BotBanishClient will modify the .htaccess file with a "deny from" entry so that the "user" cannot attack the system from that IP Address again. Because some IP Addresses are dynamic; this dynamic approach which can lead to legitimate users being blocked from the system, so it is wise to make known a way of contacting your administrator to unblock an IP Address if a bad BOT/USER changes their IP address and a legitimate users gets the blocked IP Address. In this case the administrator of the hosted site will need to remove the IP address from the .htaccess file and it should also be deleted from the BotBanishClient database table (BotBanishClient_ip). To keep an IP Address from being blocked in the future the IP should be added to the BotBanishClient_ip_dnb table. Unique URL parts can be added to the BotBanishClient database table (BotBanishClient_url) to allow for brute force attack checking in other areas where you want BotBanishClient to guard against intrusion.


BotBanishClient will automatically log and terminate BOTs that are determined fake users. BotBanishClient will track them until BotBanishClient determines that they should not have access to your system. The termination process makes it easier for your website; so that your website will not have to use up resources to monitor frequent BOT attacks.


BotBanish collects information about which pages guests visit and which files get downloaded from your site.
You can see these analytics by using https://{YourDomainName}/{OpenCartInstallation}/BotBanish/bot/Scripts/BotBanishAnalytic.php
For best analytic results; use with SEO URLs



Release Information:
This is a VQMOD Extension.

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8 Jun 2024

10 Nov 2017
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