Quick product Editor 2.x

Quick product Editor 2.x
Quick Product Editor is an extension in which you can quickly edit and update different values related to product/s directly from the product list page. This is really helpful for shops having lots of products and big turnover where products related values need to be change very often. It save a lot of time as no need to open each product and edit the values there.

You get multiple functionality with this extension-

- Ability to edit product attribute values within the product list page and without page refresh
- Choose the columns you want to see on the product list page and hide the rest of columns
- Filter products based on multiple parameters
- Sorting is available for some important columns
- Button to open product edit form if still want to use
- Status, Quantity and some flags highlighing using differnt color
- Fast and responsive design
- It does not overwrite any opencart default files

List of Attributes of the product which can be edited:

- Product Image - Product Name - Product Model - Meta tag Title - Meta tag keywords - SEO URL - Product Tags - Product Manufacturer - Product Categories - SKU - UPC - EAN - JAN - ISBN - MPN - Location - Minimum Quantity - Requires Shipping - Date available - Out of Stock Status - Tax Class - Points - Subtract Stock - Weight Class - Weight - Length Class - Length - Width - height - Sort Order - Price - Quantity - Status - Action

It provides option to choose the columns you want to see on the product list page or the columns you will be updating very frequently. So that you can quickly look for what you want and edit it.

You can apply multiple filter at a time which helps a lot in narrow down the list of products you want to edit. Once you are done editing you can easily reset the filter by just clicking on reset filter button, no need to clear each and every filter by yourself.

While filtering it's not mandatory to use the exact attribute value from the start but it can match the value anywhere in the value. So you can filter using some middle value also

For Opencart version 3.x, please use below link.
Quick Product Editor 3.x

Full documentation and set up support available.

If you have any query or need any help in installation, feel free to contact us.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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