SKU Generator 1.5.x

SKU Generator 1.5.x
✯ JUST Released v1.5 ✯
✔ Tested in OpenCart too
This extension establishes 3 main functionalities:
1) SKU Generator:
The "SKU Generator" generates automatically a product's sku IF it (sku) does not exists.
The Generator drags the product's ID and gives that unique number in its sku. This way you don't have to worry for the sku, just leave it empty (or delete it) and it will automatically be generated.

It works in two main ways:
---- (1) By creating a new product:
-------- Leave the sku field empty and it automatically will be filled with the product's unique ID.
---- (2) By copy and editing an existing product:
-------- Copy an existing product and then edit it.
-------- Then go to data tab and erase (delete/leave empty) the SKU field.
-------- And last, save the product.

❤ I also added a "how to use" tip in editing page of product in admin panel.

2) Show SKU number in product list of admin panel:
The product sku number is now visible in product list of admin panel. You can sort products by sku and filter them by sku with live search.

3) Show SKU in Product Page:
The 3rd functionality is to show the product's SKU directly in the product page.
A very useful information which misses from the default opencart 1.5.x version.

All rights reserved from Aris Skordialos (Ariskos)
Stay tuned for updates and new extensions in:
✯!/ArisSkordialos ✯


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