Quick View Product in Pop up : Front End

Quick View Product in Pop up : Front End
Make customer experience smoother while browsing your site. Ajax based Quick Load Product will save customer time on your site. So of course customer will browser more product on your site. thus will increase your sells also.


Visit this site. and hover your mouse over any product. You will see an eye icon. click on it. and its will open a modal containing all product related info

Installation : -
This is an ocmod extension. To install it.
1. Login to opencart admin panel.
2. Visit > Extension > Extension Installer.
3. And Install give zip file.
4. Refresh Cache

To Check its working or not ? after installation visit front end. and hover your mouse on any product of your store

1. Quick & Bulk Update Order Status
2. Select Multi Order Status : Advanced Order Search & Filter
3. Search & Filter Order by Telephone, Email, Fax
4. Filter Order By Selected Date Range ( You can also choose from pre defined date range like today, yesterday, this month, last month
5. auto fill city & state option using post code

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Code Canyon
Awesome extension.
~Code Canyon
anasayfada uzunşamasına 1 cm kalınlıgında birşey çıkıyor yani çalışmıyor
Official Developer
Must Have Extension
~Official Developer


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13 May 2018

23 Nov 2017
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Official Developer
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