OC3 - Category Discount

OC3 - Category Discount


This extension enables you to add discounts to categories. It is possible to set up a discount for a specific customer group and limit the discount in time. A minimum quantity can be specified before the discount rule takes effect.

For parent categories, you can specify whether the discount will affect the underlying subcategories (children).

The category discounts are processed as Order Totals. For every category discount, a seperate order total line will be displayed in the cart.

The category discount extension takes in account a few simple rules to determine the category discount that applies to any given product:

  • If a product is assigned to multiple categories, then the category with the highest discount (biggest 'percentage' value) takes precedence.
  • When a parent category has a category discount assigned and 'Affect Children' is set to 'Yes', then the discount will be applied to all products in the children categories UNLESS the child category has its' own category discount assigned.
  • Only 1 category discount can be applied to each product in the order, discounts are not compounded.

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I've had some problems with wrong unit prices. I couldn't find the problem en thought the category discount extension caused the problem. I contacted the developer and he helped me very good and quick. He found out that the problem was an invoice extensions and now everything is fixed. Great support!

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