Discount Restriction

Discount Restriction
By default customers can use the following discounts:
- Discount coupon
- Gift card (voucher)
- Reward points
- Store credit
If you want customers to use only one of the above methods for each order, you need "Discount Restriction". This extension does not allow customers to use more than one type of discount in each order.

Please add above product to your cart, then go to cart page.
in Use Coupon Code use: 2222
and in Use Gift Certificate use: gift
if you want to use reward points and store credit, login with the following email and password as a customer:
This customer has some reward points and some store credit.

Free Installation and Support

Both vQMOD and OCMOD are available!
No core files are changed or replaced.

Install Instructions - OCMOD
- Login to your OpenCart admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Extension installer and upload file suited for your OpenCart version
- Go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh

Install Instructions - VQMOD
- If you don't have vQmod, you must download and install it.
- Copy the upload folder that comes inside the module and paste its contents into your OpenCart root


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