Unrelated Store Relationships

Unrelated Store Relationships
This extension allows merchants to interrupt mail events whenever the store configuration does not match previous orders with no longer or not existing store IDs. When merchants deletes a store from the admin, an order may already have been completed during the same year, between the month of January and December of the same year.

This extension will show any unrelated store IDs with all related and completed orders of the current year so that merchant can re-adjust their store IDs on the database by following the list of results all together.

From the Opencart core, merchants and customers are not being notified regarding vanished store names when an order has been completed and the merchant wishes to notify the customers based on those completed transactions which can create a political issue between the merchant and the customer whenever an order needs to be edited. This extension will prevent that on happening whenever a store gets deleted from the admin. Every relationships based on completed orders within the same year will be displayed. When the customers will want to return an order, it will then be possible to confirm this order with the right store name after re-assembling the losses from the database so that no more customers will be affected during the effect.

Forum support topic: https://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=199963

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