Pav Layered Navigation - Opencart 3 Module

Pav Layered Navigation - Opencart 3 Module
Pav Layered Navigation
Professional ajax filter products for opencart 3
This Free Opencart 3 Layered Navigation Module automatically helps you improve and speed up your native navigation filter.

With AJAX LAYERED NAVIGATION, you can save time for your purchases because you can select multiple selects values of product attributes simultaneously and choose exactly your product. Therefore, this extension provides them with excellent user experience, and increases the probability of a purchase.

For detail, customers can search their products by filtering product attribute value, price slider and numeric. After that they will be show-off results the current page in minutes. The multiselections functionality allows customers to find the products they need quickly.

1. Speed up product filtering with AJAX

Fast Ajax Filter help your customers better their shopping experience on your store to find exact their products in the minimum time on your store. It plays an important role to impact on your service quality.

2. Filter Price Slider, Numeric Attributes

Smart Price Slider with numeric filter is optimized. Thanks to this, your customers can drag n drop the bar on the slider to filter price ranges as they needed.

3. Filter Options support for each category

Better your customers experience on each your category with particular filter option

4. Clear all Selections

All selected filters option will be clear in minutes. It helps you ease to start a filter for your choice. Don’t waste any time to unselect any option you don’t want.

5. Filter Multiple Selections at once

Customers can choose multiple selection at once. Moreover, you can choose all selections in the same time to filter your products.

6. One Step Installation

Via Installer in Opencart Admin, user can upload file and install it in minutes.

7. Fully Customization

Building absolutely on 100% Open-source, it allows to modify any part of this modules to corresponding your desired store.

8. Fully Compatible with any Opencart Themes 3.0

Pav Layered Navigation Modules is super high compatibility with any Opencart Themes 3.x. It is compatible with not only themes on Pavothemes but also any themes from other providers in OC

9. Support to Override Layouts Templates

It is an easy way to share your Filter Collections via Social Network. It is the best way to increase your conversion rate for your store.

10. Share Filter Collection via Social Networks

It is an easy way to share your Filter Collections via Social Network. It is the best way to increase your conversion rate for your store.

11. Multiple Linguals and RTL Languages

By virtue of developing on Opencart Framework, this module supports multiple Languages and RTL Languages. No barrier for any countries.

12. Support for Multiple Storeviews

Don’t worry about multiple Storeviews. This best Opencart Layered Navigation Extension 3.x supports for multiple Storeviews.

13. Filter manufacturer Support:

Your customers can filter your products by manufacture products via brand, etc.

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