Pav Popup - Opencart 3 Module

Pav Popup - Opencart 3 Module
Pav Popup
Great solution for those who want their visitors to be aware of all hot stuff.
Pav Popup - Free Opencart 3.x Module - will be a great solution for your promotional campaign. It allows to show content in popup and it will be displayed after a page load done. You can put your HTML code or load any opencart 3 module inside the popup, that is idea to you show sale off information, coupon code, newsletter module..... visitors.

1. Display Popup On Any Opencart 3.x Page

After loading any Page in Opencart 3.x Theme Page, this module allows to display any Popup to grab all customers attention to your store information.

2. Quickly Set Time Close Popup

Thanks to setting Time to close Popup on any current page. After a set time duration, your Popup will be closed for your time set.

3. Unlimited Customization

Developed based on 100% Opencart 3.x Framework - this best Opencart Modules doesn't limit your creativity. You can tailor any part of this modules for your store.

4. Simple and Ease to Use

This Opencart 3 Popup Module is very easy and simple to use. Just enable/disable module at the backend, you can apply for this module of your store.

5. Quick Installer and Setup

One Click Installation via Installer. You can upload module file and install it instantly. Super quick and save time.

6. Fully Compatible with any Opencart 3 Themes

It is strongly compatibility with any Opencart 3 Themes. Both themes on Pavothemes or Themes on other providers.

7. Multiple Languages and RTL support

This Free Opencart 3 Popup Module supports Multiple Languages and RTL Languages such as English, Arabic, etc

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