[VQMOD]Google Address Autocomplete Pro OC3.0+

[VQMOD]Google Address Autocomplete Pro OC3.0+
This vQmod add autocomplete address function to all the pages that has address form input. With this mod, you do not need to go through each single address input to fill out. Instead, it will start searching for address automatically for you as soon as you start typing it in Address 1 form field. Tested with vQmod v2.6+ and OC v3.0+ on default theme.

ATTENTION: From 22 June 2016, Google requires everyone who uses its map API to register an account for API key. Hence, this extension will not work if you do not get your own API key. If you are using this MOD before that date, you may still be able to use it without an API key. However, it is strongly recommended to use the latest MOD with API key to prevent probelms in the future.

IMPORTANT: Please check whether the addresses works with Google Address Service HERE before buying extension to avoid hassle from refund request later. The reason for this check is that Google Address Service may not correctly get the address you want or format it. If that is the case, this extension will not work as it relies on Google Address Service to feed back the correct information before automatically filling the address.

Support themes: OC Default / Journal 2 / More Coming Soon
Extension support:
1. Ajax Quick Checkout by Dreamvention

1. The extension for Journal 2 also contains the support for default theme, you do not need to install both.
2. For Ajax Quick Checkout by Dreamvention, if you have to install GAA for default theme or Journal 2.

1. Auto searching for address as soon as you start typing address.
2. Automatically fill in the address form fields respectively, such as address 1, city, region/state and postal code.
3. OCMOD is Opencart official extension installation mechanism for safe modification, no file will be overwritten. If you do not want it anymore, delete the file from Extensions -> Installer menu.
4. No more manually editing API key in .xml file, module control panel is available for editing from Extensions -> Extension -> Modules menu.
5. Lifetime support is guaranteed if purchase.

Useful Link: Get Google Maps API Key

NOTE: The extension is for the themes in the list above without any modification, minor modification for the extension will not be charged. However, additional cost may apply if major modification is required for for your website that uses the above themes but with custom modification or other themes.

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Another cool mod from GJ.VVU, if you have any questions, please leave message, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

The OCMOD version is available here: [OCMOD]Google Address Autocomplete

The OCMOD version for OC v2.0+ is available here: [OCMOD]Google Address Autocomplete

The vQmod version for OC v2.0+ is available here: [vQmod]Google Address Autocomplete

Bug fix: Fix the bug that subpremise is not recognized and extracted correctly.

Bug fix: Fix the bug that address double up when displays in Address 1 field.

Hotfix: Google Maps API missing subpremise when return the address query.

Bug fix: Journal 2 - address does not auto fill.

1. Bug fix: For all the extensions, fix the language code loading.
2. Bug fix: For Journal 2, payment address 1 does not trigger Google Address Autocomplete.

Extension support add: Ajax Quick Checkout by Dreamvention.

1.Bug fix: Fix the bug in the JavaScript for Journal 2 where it may cause "null" element error.
2.Feature add: Google Address Autocomplete can be disabled from Journal 2 quick checkout if the module is disabled.

Theme support add: Journal 2

Feature add: Preferred language option is added.

Initial release.


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