Always display categorys/subcategories in breadcrumbs (VQMod)

Always display categorys/subcategories in breadcrumbs (VQMod)
This VQMod will change the default behavior of Opencart and always display the category structure in the product breadcrumbs no matter how the product page was found. For example, if you searched for a product and clicked on the product, the default Opencsrt behavior would display the breadcrumb as Home>Search>Product. This makes it difficult for customers to browse other items in the same category unless you use another method to show the category/subcategory.

For example, if the product page was found from search, the breadcrumb would be:

Home > Search >Item No

Now the breadcrumb will be:

Home > Search > Category > Subcategory > Item No

This new breadcrumb makes it easier for customers to navigate to the category if they want and it helps improve SEO by building links to categories from the product page.

This works no matter where the product is linked from, whether it's on the homepage, side bar or any other location.


Simply upload the xml file to your vqmod/xml directory and clear your vqmod cache and your breadcrumbs should now display the category structure in the breadcrumbs.

What if a product is in multiple categories?

If the product is in two or more equivalent main categories and / or more categories (with an equal number of subcategories 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 or 5: 5), the breadcrumbs for the product will be specified from that category, in which the sorting order less. It does not display more than one category or subcategory.

Tested with multiple themes. Works with ThemeBurn themes and Journal 2.

NOTE: This is based off of this extension: so special thanks given to DoTheSite.Ru.

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