[NEW]Easy Editor for robots.txt and .htaccess

[NEW]Easy Editor for robots.txt and .htaccess
Are you tired of frequent manually updating robots.txt and .htaccess?
Open the FTP client, switch to the local website directory, choose robots.txt or .Htaccess and click to upload it,Tedious and easy to make mistakes.

If so,this extension is a good helper for you.
After install it,you can edit your htaccess or robots.txt file online, Greatly improve your efficiency.

Main features:
✯ Online edit for robots.txt and .htaccess
✯ Smarty tips and example.
✯ Safe and easy to use.

How To Install?
Step 1)
Go to Extensions > Extension Installer

Step 2)
Upload the Easy-Online-Editor-for-robots.txt-and-.htaccess.zip

Step 3)
Go to Extensions > Modifications
You should see an entry for this Export/Import tool

Step 4)
Click on the Refresh button (top right of the page)

Step 5)
Go to System > Users > User Group > Edit Administrator

Step 6)
Set access and modify permissions for 'tool/robots'

That's it!

How To Use?
Step 1)
Go to System > Tools > robots.txt & .htaccess

Step 2)
Choose robots.txt or .htaccess

Step 3)
Edit the content of File Content textarea.

Step 4)
Click on the Save button (top right of the page)

That's it!

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