Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Want to show images of your business premises or you want to show-case your business other events, special occasions. However, in E-commerce website, this is not in-build functionality and gallery extensions are rare. This extension let you create albums of event, occasions, office functions and add images into albums. This extension also has layout modules so you can show albums at any page of your website. You can add title to each image as well and description of album.

1. No Core file changes
2. Create unlimited albums and add unlimited images to albums
3. Add description to albums
4. Support OpenCart features like Multi-language & Multi-store
5. Show album statistics like no. of images in album, view count of album
6. Both VQMOD & OCMOD available
7. Easy and beautiful administrator UI
8. Simple and easy installation
9. Quick & Reliable Supported

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What customers say about Photo Gallery

The extension comes with step-by-step installation documentation. The admin panel is easy to use and gives a lot of freedom to customize the gallery appropriately for our site. When we contacted the support team,they answered imminently and took their time to explain us step by step what was required from us to do in a way to achieve our goals.


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