Ask for Price | Call for Price | Ask a Question

Ask for Price | Call for Price | Ask a Question

Ask for price extension will let you hide price and disable checkout the products that you want to sold offline or by any other reason. Ask for price hide the price from products and let customers to enquiry about the product price or quote about the product by filling out the form open in modal popup window. Admin will notified using E-mail, whenever someone send enquiry using this extension, so you can response quickly. So you don’t lose your customers. You can manage E-mail message from admin using short codes provides in this extension.

Easy installation, no core file overwritten or modified
Set ‘Ask for Price‘ for selected products
Multi-lingual and Multi-store supported
Admin E-mail notification for new request
Sender get copy of their request as well
Hide selected product price when ‘Ask For Price’ is enabled
Admin notification for new enquiry using ‘Ask For Price’
Admin notification for new enquiry using ‘Ask For Price’
Prefill Customer information when login
Hide the price for product when activated for product
Select particular products, categories.
Mobile Friendly modal popup
Automatic convert add to cart to ask for price when price goes zero
Create Extra Fields as per requirements apart from default
Filter For Requests list
Internal Note For Admin
Flagged Safe Unsafe (Body Red)
Loader on Submit Popup
Terms and Conditions Field manage from Admin
Stop force add to cart button
OCMOD Compatibility
Journal 2 Theme Compatible
Journal 3 Theme Compatible
Free One Theme Compatibility
Quick and reliable support

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What customers say about Ask for Price | Call for Price | Ask a Question

Professional, Flawless, and very simple in structure. It does not tire the system, the user panel is very professional. It is very nice that the user and admin mail fields are separate and detailed mail can be prepared in the notification. The seller offers quick responses and solutions. I would definitely recommend this module.
Great and fast support!
This is a great extension for those who want to interact with the customer via email. The email notification is also great, informing the customer as well as the store manager of the request.


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