DataQlick Integrated Multichannel Sales & Amazon fulfillment

DataQlick Integrated Multichannel Sales & Amazon fulfillment
DataQlick – is the software for Integrated Inventory and Order Management between Ecommerce and Accounting. It will record your sales data into QuickBooks Online automatically and/or route your order for Amazon FBA fulfillment.
This plugin connects your OpenCart store to your DataQlick account and automatically exports all inventory and sales data in real time.
DataQlick automatically tracks all connected sales channels. It syncs all your orders, inventory, and customers from online stores and marketplaces, posting them directly into QuickBooks in real time. In addition, DataQlick is a comprehensive inventory management app allowing full range of functionalities including: advanced Purchasing with landing cost, partial receipts, enhanced Bundling with assembly/work orders, and effortless multi-location and warehousing.

Benefits at glance

- Save time and money by automating bookkeeping & reducing manual data entry
- Put your mind at ease knowing that your e-commerce accounting is accurate and up-to-date
- Reduce workload and eliminate oversell with inventory sync
- Easily post all fees and expenses from payment systems to match & reconcile payouts
- Optimize and simplify preorders, backorders, and order splitting by utilizing sales orders
- Manage all products from one simple user-friendly interface
- Streamline shipping with Amazon FBA fulfillment routing

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11 Dec 2017

11 Dec 2017
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