Multi-Merchant/DropShipper Payment Stripe 3.0

Multi-Merchant/DropShipper  Payment Stripe 3.0

The extension is coded to use for Multi-Merchant/Dropshipper Core 3.0 marketplace created by It allows WaaBay Multi-Merchant 3.0 to accept credit card payments online securely. The extension created a convenient wat to allow merchant to signup stripe account easily through merchant dashboard to accept payments from admin directly. This help to reduce the hassle work for admin to payout to merchant for every transaction.

Dynamic 3D Secure 2 / Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Ready
Securely collect card details for later use transaction
Card management add-on at user account
Hassle less refund or reverst payment option at OpenCart sales order
Customizable transaction and transfer description
Easily change of transfer method in marketplace
Onboard seller directly from marketplace store to accept payment directly
Webhooks support to update sales order status and Stripe Connect account status
Beautiful stripe secure GUI payment interface
Ajax coding without page redirection
Geo Zone, Order Total and Debug mode support
Journal3 theme support with seamless integration
Fully PCI Compliant - SSL Certificate required

How Payment Stripe Work (Split payment, Stripe Connect Registration)

How to Setup Payment Gateway


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  • Documentation Included


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