Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Ultimate Shipping

Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Ultimate Shipping
Opencart Marketplace Ultimate Shipping: Opencart Marketplace Ultimate Shipping module will allow the admin to create multiple shipping methods in the ultimate way to their marketplace products. The admin can make as many as shipping methods and can add multiple shipping method rules in it. Under the shipping rule, the admin can apply many conditions and price rules. This module will allow to show many shipping methods at the customer end. The admin can apply the shipping conditions on the basis of vendors, categories, products, options, store, country, zone, city, customers group, zip code, coupons, geo zone, days, quantity and many more. If any of the conditions will false then the shipping method will not visible to the customers.

Opencart Marketplace Ultimate Shipping module is an add-on of the Opencart Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Marketplace Module.


1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

2. Opencart Marketplace Ultimate Shipping module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

  • The Admin can add multiple shipping methods.
  • Multiple shipping rules can be applied to the shipping method.
  • Multiple conditions and price rules can be applied to the shipping rules.
  • The admin can add the shipping method name and sub-method name which will show in the front-end.
  • The admin can add multiple delivery type for providing the delivery services to their customers.
  • The admin can sort the shipping method.
  • The admin can show the product weight at the shipping section to the customers.
  • Conditions can be applied to the tax.
  • The admin can apply the shipping condition to the particular store or all the stores.
  • The admin can apply shipping rule conditions on the geo zone, country, zone, shipping, vendor, manufacturer, customer group, zip, and coupon.
  • The admin can apply vendor rule, category rule, product rule, and product option rule to the shipping conditions.
  • The admin can show/hide the shipping price to the buyer.
  • The admin can apply the shipping price on the basis of quantity, weight, volume, dimensional weight, volumetric weight, total, and sub-total.
  • The admin can set the shipping cost for the flat rate.
  • The admin can also set the dimensional/volumetric weight factor in price rules.
  • The admin can also apply the shipping condition on the basis of days of week, time period, order total range, and quantity range.
  • The admin can define the minimum and the maximum number of days for the delivery time of the product.

Use Case

This module allows shipping based upon a seemingly-unlimited set of criteria. The admin can easily create multiple shipping methods for the delivery of the orders.
In this, the admin/seller can create multiple shipping methods based on various shipping rules. The seller can make shipping rules only for the admin's built shipping methods.
The creation of shipping method rules is based on the following conditions like- Basic conditions, Standard, categories & products, Price rule & time duration, weight & quantity of products ordered at a time.

Work Flow

Firstly to get the advantage of ultimate shipping, the admin needs to configure the extension. Here admin can set the title of the method, Sort order & its status.

Add Shipping Methods

After configuring the marketplace's ultimate shipping module, the admin can add shipping methods for the module.

Each shipping method contains one or multiple shipping method rules that can be created by the admin and the seller and each multiple shipping method rules contains one or multiple conditions and price rules.

After creating a shipping method, the admin/seller both from their backends can add multiple shipping method rules according to the requirement.

At Admin’s end:-

At Seller’s end:-

For Seller- The seller needs to login to their seller account and then the shipping method rules can be added.

Shipping Method can only be created by the admin. Sellers can make shipping method rules under the admin’s created shipping method. The method rules created by the admin will be applied to the seller’s product also if all the conditions are satisfied.

Creating Shipping Method Rule 

The admin/seller creates the shipping method rules respective of the following conditions:

  • The admin/seller can provide the Basic definition of the shipping method rule like sort order, status, tax eligible for enabling the shipping method rule, etc.
  • Standard conditions like stores, geo zone, country, zone, city, etc, for which the shipping method rule will be enabled.
  • The admin/seller can provide conditions for enabling shipping method rules based on Category / Product.
  • On the basis of all the defined conditions, the admin/seller can do Price Rule Management for the shipping method rule.
  • [*]In addition to the above sections of conditions, the admin/seller can define more conditions for the shipping method rule.

View Shipping Methods

After creating a shipping method, & setting up its rules the admin can find the multiple shipping methods created by the admin/seller according to the requirement.
Here, the admin can find all the methods listing whether national or international shipping & or of sellers or admins.

View Shipping Rules
The admin can find the multiple shipping methods created by the admin/seller according to the requirement.

Here the admin can view the existing shipping method rules made for sellers or admins. Can filter them out and also can easily add a shipping rule directly from the same page.

Methods Visible at Checkout Page

The products will be divided according to the sellers and the admin in separate groups and all possible shipping methods and their eligible method rules will be shown.

For one product group, the buyer can choose one method rule among all the eligible shipping methods.

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