Orders Live

Orders Live
Orders LIVE!

username/pass : demo
Open the Live Orders page in one tab, place an order in another one and wait a few seconds.
Notice: Check your sound levels. It could be loud

Extension that adds and admin page with a list of recent orders. Every time a new order arrives it is inserted to the list and a notification sound plays.
You have the ability to update order/customer history without having to go to the orders/customers page.

Mostly useful for businesses that need real-time updates on orders, like delivery services.
Note that this does NOT need a page reload. On page load it only shows the last 10 orders. This is not a replacement for the default orders page.

Supported versions : OC 2.1.x to 2.3.x . It has been tested but some bugs may appear between versions. 
If there is demand, I'll update it for newer versions but not older ones.
This is an admin page so it should be compatible with all themes. 

  • Is vQmod required?
    Yes. Ocmod is only partially supported.
  • There is no menu link or you get 'Permission denied' message
    You need to set the required permissions. This should be done automatically but in case it doesn't, there's a picture with instructions on how to do it.
  • I added an order but it didn't appear.
    The way this works is by checking every 5 seconds if there are new orders, so wait a few seconds.
  • I waited more that 5 seconds but still no new order notification.
    If the tab with the extension is not the active one, there might be some extra delay so give it a couple more seconds.  If it still fails, contact me and I'll look into it.
  • I want to add a new sound to play.
    You can add any sound file you want to 'admin/view/sounds/tw/tworderslive' and it will appear on the list of the available sounds.Supported file types are mp3/ogg/wav or whatever the HTML5 Audio tag supports
  • I use Internet Explorer 6 and this doesn't work
    There will be no support for older browsers.
  • [*]
    All included sounds are on the public domain.
    For any request/bugs contact me here. Bug reports in comments will be ignored and removed. Comments/feedback are appreciated.

    - Fixed some 'rare' bugs

    - Fixed error in installation script

    - Removed the ability to add customer history comments for unregistered users
    - Added version text on top of page

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
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