Register Form Manager

Register Form Manager
TMD OpenCart Register Form Field Manager Extension
Register Manager Extension allows you to show and hide Register fields on Register Form and Checkout Page. You can set sort orders positions of Fields. This Module Process makes Register Page simple and fast.
This Module is Fully Custom So you can set All Fields required Or Not in register form and checkout Page. This extension replaces default long registration form into the simple and Option Fields Form. Admin can modify or edit registration form in OpenCart.

Add or Hide Fields in Register Form OpenCart
It gives the option to hide an existing field from the registration form and add new fields into it. OpenCart Register Form Field extension makes easy to customize registration form and account created email template according to website need. For example, admin can add "From where you hear us" to register form and hide unwanted fields. It's easy to operate, changes display instantly on the registration form.
It helps admin to get useful data from the customer registration form which can be used to deliver good service to them.

Hide Fields in Register and checkout Register Form.
Adding a new field in register form OpenCart is too easy.
Save New Field data into Database

Re Create OpenCart Registration Form from Admin
in Admin, Website gets full access to which fields should present or not, Also Admin can decide field is required or not. Moreover, Admin can write error text when customer unexpected leave or entered wrong information in field.
Also, Admin can set order of display fields by assigning a number from 0 to total count of field. Where 0 is the first position and the higher number is the last position. There is another option called status, it makes fields to hide from register form. By changing the status of filed makes that field to display or hide from register
Same setting and fields will be assigned to checkout register form if enabled from setting. Admin can anytime enable and disable registration fields from setting by changing the status of the assigned registration form field.
Admin can write success and failed message of customer account created. Also, make an email template which will send on the account created to a customer.

Field Name
Require(Yes / No)
Sort Order
Write account created a success message
Message for failed to create account
Email Template for customer account created.
Multi-Language Support

Short code For Easy To Create Account Registration Email Template.
Modules give short code to make email template. These short codes will turn into real data on the time of email send. There are 10 short codes available. Click on short code button see list of the short code.
Copy the short code from there and paste into the email template. You can use short code into email subject line too. Email body has a WYSIWYG editor. It allows admin to write HTML as well as text to make email template.
Opencart modify register form is easy now using our module.

Multi-Language Supports
It has multi-language compatibility. It has an option where Admin can enter all information according to the selected language. When a website uses more than 1 language than module gives the option to enter text in multiple language tab.
Admin can write all text information in language present into the website. All installed and active language will show into the setting. Admin can write information into more than one language. Customer will see text information in a selected language.
Email template content can also be written in multi language. Customer will get an email in the selected language. It will make a smoother user experience. Hence increase engagement time on the website.

Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x Versions
OCMOD and VQMOD use to create OpenCart modify register form Module. It works perfectly on 2.0.x and 3.0.x versions of OpenCart. It is also tested up to latest stable version
Module is tested on cloud version to give the best performance. Testing has been done using the Unit test to give quality to work.
There will no core file will alter after installation of the OpenCart Register form manager into your website. Because it uses OCMOD and VQMOD. It virtually creates a file system and adds compatibility into files on run time.
Your website files will remain the same and untouched after installation of TMD modules. Website will remain to function as before it does. It is easy to use right? Yeah! It is.

Support All OpenCart Theme
TMD creates modules with taking care of compatible with themes available in the market. It is tested with many famous themes. Some of them are Journal, Shop pica, Faster, Sellya. A new section will be added into the website admin section. it uses default theme CSS to display fields.
You specially made a theme for your website or did many customization into an existing theme. Possibly is our module will work. Added new fields into OpenCart registration form will use default theme color.

What customers say about Register Form Manager

Great extension, Great support
Excellent extension and the Support is great! They fixed all the issues and it works very good on Journal 3, and Opencart version! :-)
Great Extension, Great Support, Everything Great :-)


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