12 languages pack

12 languages pack
This language pack for 12 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Estonian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Georgian, Finnish.
In the marketplace, there are numerous fragmented language packs. Consequently, a decision was made to create the single package featuring the most widely spoken languages.

(Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Català, Magyar, Eesti, Česky, Polski, Bulgarian, Svenska, ქართული, Suomi)

Demo page:

Installation instruction (Instructions d'installation / Istruzioni di installazione / Installations-HowTo / Anweisungen zum Installieren / Instrucciones de instalación / Telepítési utasítás / Installijuhised / Pokyny k instalaci / Pokyny k instalaci / Инструкции за инсталиране / Installationsanvisningar / ინსტალაციის ინსტრუქციები / Asennusohjeet):

languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Estonian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Georgian, Finnish

- Unzip the ZIP folder to root of your site on OpenCart v3.0.x - v4.0.x
- upload the folders both (admin and catalog (and extension for opencart v4.0.x) into your website folders:
- upload/catalog/language/<language you need> -> yoursite/catalog/language/<language you need>
- upload/admin/language/<language you need> -> yoursite/admin/language/<language you need>
for version 4.x:
- upload/extension/opencart/catalog/<language you need> -> yoursite/extension/opencart/catalog/<language you need>
- upload/extension/opencart/admin/<language you need> -> yoursite/extension/opencart/admin/<language you need>
- Login to your site Admin pannel
- For localise the admin part go to System->Settings-> click "edit" button, opposite the default languge ->Local-> choose the language you need.
- Go System->Localisation->Languages-> click "Add New" button
- Then fill in the form by bellow information

Language Name: choose the language you need

Code: bg-bg - Bulgarian (Bulgarian)
Locale: bg_BG.UTF-8,bg-BG,bg_BG,bulgarian

Code: cs-cz - Czech (Česky)
Locale: cs_CZ.UTF-8,cs-CZ,cs_CZ,cs

Code: de-de - German (Deutsch)
Locale: de_DE.UTF-8,de-DE,de_DE,de

Code: es-es - Spain (Català)
Locale: es_ES.UTF-8,es-ES,es_ES,spain

Code: et-ee - Estonian (Eesti)
Locale: et_EE.UTF-8,et-EE,et_EE,et_EE,estonian

Code: fi-fi - Finnish (Suomi)
Locale: fi_FI.UTF-8,fi-FI,fi_FI,fi_FI,finnish

Code: fr-fr - French (Français)
Locale: fr_FR.UTF-8,fr_FR,fr-fr,fr_fr,french

Code: hu-hu - Hungarian (Magyar)
Locale: hu_HU.UTF-8,hu-HU,hu_HU,hungarian

Code: it-it - Italian (Italiano)
Locale: it_IT.UTF-8,it-IT,it_IT,italian

Code: ka-ge - Georgian (ქართული)
Locale: ka_GE.UTF-8,ka-GE,ka_GE,georgian

Code: pl-pl - Polish (Polski)
Locale: pl_PL.UTF-8,pl-PL,pl_PL,polish

Code: sv-se - Swedish (Svenska)
Locale: sv_SE.UTF-8,sv-SE,sv_SE,swedish

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/JUpnj-Cf0Uc?si=cvykjLA8XpfB_IPH

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