Sell Free Products / Gifts

Sell Free Products / Gifts
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What does it do

This extension makes it possible to sell 1 or more products for free when a minimum order price is reached with each order.
For example, when customers order for at least 100$ or more and you want to give them a free present (this can be any kind of a product).
You can also setup different tiers for different products. For example: When customers reach 100$ they can order product A or B for free, but when they reach 200$ they can order product C or D for free.

Check the screenshots to get a good understanding of what this extension does.
In the screenshot I've setup a minimum order amount of 1000$ to get a free iPod.

Main features

* Easy install and no vqmod needed

* Doesn't affect any standard functionality, only adds one new functionality

* Works with all themes

* Sell 1 or more products for free when a certain order price is reached

* Setup multiple tiers

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19 Apr 2024

17 Jan 2018
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