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JSON import / upload products with json api

JSON import / upload products  with json api
You can import / upload product in your opencart site from json source.

Made to work with huge files, with progress bar. No timeout for script problem.

Made to work with all json files.

Test before import

Demo site
login with admin / admin

Or go to

And from module list select JSON API

Enter your link and assign external fields that match opencart fields

I can make free small modification. And free installation/setup. You can send me link from your source and i will tell you how to connect in module. On my email

fb page

For installation and ussage

Make backup to your database before using this module. Or make backup here admin/index.php?route=tool/backup

1. Upload from extension installer.

2. Go to admin-> Extension /->Modules and install JSON API module

Module is installed and ready to use

*If installer not working than copy folders from folder in your opencart installation directory and merge with the existing one.


General tab.

1. In link field put link from external feed. If you have this as file than you can upload to your server and use link to that file.

2. After you press Continue, selects will be fulfilled with links to feed fields. Connect which field from opencart is equal with feed field.

3. You have Extra fields which are for use in Modification tab.

Modification tab.

1. Here you can modify original input.

2. For example if you want to add prefix to model value use PREFIX_[[model]]
If oroginal model was 12345, now will become PREFIX_12345
3. You can put fixed values for fields that are not assigned

for example you can set 100 for quantity. And all imported products will have quantity 100.

4. For price and quantity you can use and math operations * - + / ,

example: If you have original price 200 and you have in price modification field [[price]] * 1.2 than this product will have price 240

5. List of what you can use :

a. [[model]] [[name]] [[description]] [[price]] [[special]] [[quantity]] [[image]] [[brand]] [[category]] [[category_parent]] [[attribute_name]] [[attribute_value]] [[option]] [[option_value]] [[option_price]] [[option_weight]] [[images]] [[sku]] [[mpn]] [[ean]] [[upc]] [[jan]] [[isbn]] [[location]] [[weight[[

b. [[field1]] [[field2]] [[field3]] [[modification1]] [[modification2]] [[modification3]]

Data that can be imported:

'model', 'name', 'description', 'price', 'special', 'quantity', 'image', 'brand', 'category', 'category_parent', 'attribute_name', 'attribute_value', 'option', 'option_value', 'option_price', 'option_weight', 'images', 'sku', 'mpn', 'ean', 'upc', 'jan', 'isbn', 'location', 'weight'

Settings tab.

List of settings:

Default attribute group, default brand, default category, top category, default option,

Weight class, stock status, tax class,

Create category path from array, Price multiplier

If you have problems contact me

fb page

Web page

What customers said about other ours extensions and what they think about our support

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What is this extension not work on my site?
- If this extension not work on your site, it has problems with yours other installed extensions, than we will help you to solve the problems.
- If we can't help you you have full right to refund this module

Do i get free update?
- We offer 12 mounts support for this module, fixing problems and update
- How often we make updates it depend from number of sales and customer requirements

How much time i need for installation?
- It is a ocmod file, with 2-3 click it is installed from extension installer( 2 min )
- We offer free installation


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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