Advanced Product Options Pro

Advanced Product Options Pro

“Advanced Product Options” extension is a pack of option related enhancements, which helps ‘Opencart’ ecommerce website owners to improve product options system. This package include various product option functionalities like.

Product Option Image
Product Option Model
Product Option SKU
Product Option values by customer group
Option Description
Live Option Price

Product option values by customer group comes in handy when want to show different prices and option images based on customer groups. Inventory play vital role. Tactfully management of inventory is key to keep system running like breeze. Product Model, SKU are useful in inventory system to identify unique product options. Add separate Model, SKU for each product option values to manage inventory system

Add Model, SKU for Each Option Per Product
Ajax based processing to update Product model with selected option model
Show selected option Model, SKU at product page.
Show Product Option Model, SKU in Product Page, Cart Page, Checkout Page
Add product option images to each product
Show different product options to different customers based on customer group
Update product price using ajax processing with live option price
Live option price update product price based on selected product options
Live option price calculate product price based on product price + option price + tax. Product special price works as well
Describe options where it is necessary to show more details for what the option
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What customers say about Advanced Product Options Pro

Since this would not even install, I first gave it a negative. But then I learned that Opencart 3.03.06 had an extension install bug that I had to fix. Then the installation finally worked.
car tellement qu'elle fonctionne bien , je n'ai pas besoin de documentation. Merci!!!
The extension works as described! If you need any clarifications or help the team is very helpful and fast. Thank you


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