Automated Advertising by Scaler

Automated Advertising by Scaler
Scaler brings new potential buyers to your website and returns bounced visitors. Fully automated.

  • Super-fast and easy setup: install the app, add funds, and monitor performance with real-time reports!

  • You only pay for actual ad clicks, no matter how many ad views are delivered

  • Start for free to get a comprehensive analysis of how much revenue can be brought in and recovered with Scaler

Scale up your sales by bringing new potential buyers and returning back non-converting visitors!

We have two separate advertising systems under one roof: Dynamic Retargeting and Traffic Acquisition.

Dynamic Retargeting is the technology that shows your products to people who have already visited your website and encourages them to come back to complete a purchase. Since these potential buyers have already expressed interest in certain items from your online store, retargeting campaigns are very specific and cost-efficient. Our system creates and automatically optimizes dynamic product retargeting campaigns, delivering ads to users on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network. It usually takes from 48 hours to 2 weeks for bounced visitors to return to your website. The higher the volume of your daily traffic, the faster you'll see the results.

Traffic Acquisition is the technology that brings new potential buyers to your online store with the help of keyword-based targeting on Google Display Network. Scaler thoroughly analyzes the products you are selling online and automatically builds a large set of keywords for each of your catalog categories and creates corresponding ad sets. When somebody in your shipping area makes a Google search for related products, he will see your ads in search results (and on other websites?). It usually takes less than 24 hours to start getting new traffic and it doesn’t depend on your current daily traffic volume.

The entire process of running campaigns with Scaler is automated, which means there’s no need to set up and optimize campaigns by hand or to manually create ads. After you’ve installed the app, you only need to top up your balance with a credit card to start serving ads right away.

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