GlobalPayments / RealEx Redirect 3DSecure V2 (15x/2x/3.0)

GlobalPayments / RealEx Redirect  3DSecure V2 (15x/2x/3.0)
UPDATE: New 3D Secure V2 update (2019)

What does it do:
This extension adds support for "" redirect payment integration.
Customer is redirected to their secure site to pay, then returned back to your site when payment is completed.
This removes all risk as all customer card data is processed at their secure site.
You can even choose the iframe option to have the form load directly on your site through a secure iframe to their site.

* You will of course need to have a gateway account.

Main features:
* 3D Secure V2
* Redirects to their secure server for payment processing. No SSL needed
* Debug message logging for troubleshooting
* Custom success order status
* PA-DSS compliant. No data is stored on the server.
* Uses the OpenCart extension system. No files overwritten.
* Custom final order status
* Optional Iframe payment window

What customers say about GlobalPayments / RealEx Redirect 3DSecure V2 (15x/2x/3.0)

Модкль не работает совершенно, потратили деньги в пустую


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