Multiple Warehouse Stock Management : InHouse

Multiple Warehouse Stock Management : InHouse

Multiple Warehouse Stock Management is an opencart extension designed for managing products/options stocks in different warehouses. It provides a facility to store manager(s) to effectively manage stock in different warehouses. The facility includes multiple warehouse management, product and option level stock management, track warehouse transactions, quick warehouse stock assignment, automatic stock reduction on orders, inter warehouse transfer, stock update via CSV, etc.

Video Tutorial

Try demo

Admin Side

Username: warehouse
Password: warehouse
Admin side control for warehouse management

Step to try on admin side
- On the admin link above you will find 4 different pages with a help guide on each page.

a) Warehouse list page.
b) Warehouse transaction page.
c) Single page product/option warehouse assignment.
d) Warehouse settings page.

- Besides the above warehouse controls are available on the pages below:

a) Go to catalog - product - edit - data tab - Quantity - Assign warehouse qty.
b) Go to catalog - product - edit - option tab - Quantity - Warehouse qty.
c) Go to sales - order list page - warehouse icon in the action column.
d) Go to sales - order - order info page - warehouse icon in the top right.

Front Side

Steps to try on the front end
Add a product to the cart.
Go to checkout. Register or do the guest checkout.
Once the order is placed, warehouse stock can be checked on the admin side from the order list page. The stock would be auto-deducted.

Make a test order to see warehouse stock deduction


- Add single or multiple warehouse locations as per your need.
- Add sort order and zone for each warehouse which helps in the stock auto deduction.
- Warehouse transaction page to check each stock transaction for different warehouses.
- Filters to easily find any warehouse stock transaction.
- Direct order link from warehouse transaction page.
- Product - option warehouse stock assignment page.
- Single page editor to quickly view/assign warehouse stock.
- Warehouse stock management works until option level.
- Warehouse stock deduction is shown on the order invoice admin side.
- Reset button to reset warehouse stock value to zero.
- Sum plus save button to save warehouse stock along with main quantity.
- Only save button to just save warehouse stock.
- Filters to easily find any product for quick edit/view.
- Option to edit/view warehouse stock for each product from the product form page.
- Warehouse settings page to manage automatic stock reduction with different settings.
- Option to manually add warehouse stock per order form order list/info page.
- Cron job options are available to run automatic stock deductions based on time intervals.
- Option to transfer stock from one warehouse to a different warehouse. Inter warehouse stock transfer support.
- Option to update stock via import/export tool. It is done via a CSV sheet. Let you upload the stock based on the warehouse instantly.

Latest Features Added

- Added a reverse button on the inter-warehouse stock transfer page.
- Added option to print warehouse details in the invoice.
- This feature can be enabled from the module settings.
- Works for options also.

What is different in this extension:

We have added multiple controls to make sure warehouse stock management is handled very effectively and easily by the admin. Kindly check them below.

Multiple Warehouse

You can add multiple warehouses to control the stock of your products.
Separate page to manage warehouses.

Add Name, state name, and sort order based on your need.
Which helps in the automatic reduction of stock.

Warehouse Transactions

Helps you to track each transaction of the warehouses.
Gives you history for each transaction done per order.

You can check the transaction done per product per option per order.
Using filters, easily find out the necessary transaction.

Warehouse Stock Import / Export

The import-export tool helps in the quick upload of the stock.
Import/export can be done per warehouse or full stock for all warehouses as well.

We use a CSV sheet for the import-export of warehouse stock.

Product Warehouse Assignment

We have both options available to assign products and options stock to the warehouse.
Using a single-page editor for product warehouse assignments, you can assign the stocks quickly.

It is also possible to assign stocks to each product option from this page.
Using 7 different filters, easily find out the necessary product/option.

A manual edit option is available on each product edit form page.

Automatic Stock Reduction

It is a great tool if you want to auto-reduce the stock of the warehouse once the order is placed. With different settings available under it you can set it up as per your need. Settings like

Video Tutorial About Automatic Stock Reduction

Reduce stock on order placement

If you want to reduce the stock as soon as the order is placed.
Keep this option enabled.

Allow negative stock

Suppose you have 2 warehouses. And you want to reduce stock from the second warehouse if it is not available in the first one. Keep this option disabled.

If you want to reduce from the first warehouse only keep this enabled.

Reduction for selected order status

It provides you control for auto reduction based on order status.
You may want that only when the order is shipped that time stock should reduce.
So you can just mark "Shipped" in the order status column.

Sort Order For Automatic Stock Reduction

You can choose the preference to automatically reduce stock. The preferences are sort-order or state-based. So it would be chosen automatically based on your preference.

Cron Jobs

If you don't want to instantly reduce stock after order placement.
Cron jobs can help you.

You can set time like every half hour, every night, etc
So at that time stock would be reduced from the warehouse.

Manual stock reduction

If you don't want an automatic stock reduction, the manual method can help you.
It can be done from 2 pages: The order info and order list page.

The warehouse button is added to both pages. Click on it to manually check and reduce it.


The help guide is available on each module page.
We offer more customization for this extension based on requirements.
Kindly contact us at before purchasing.
With the extension, you will get all the points said above.

- Works with Ocmod.
- No core files are changed.
- Money back guarantee.
- Free installation available.

Version history

You can check the version history for Multiple Warehouse Stock Management on the link below:
Version History

Create a support ticket for further assistance:
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Help/Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase, customization, etc :

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Great support! And the extension function as expected.
Great extension***** fantastic support! Before we could not track our inventory accurately, now we have full control. We have 4 shop fronts and a warehouse and keeping track of stock was impossible. We had been considering an expensive inventory management system til now.
Hi Guys, ITS HERE! Multiple Warehouse Stock and Inventory Control... Cartbinder has made the extension we were after. Thanks again for helping us, we would be lost without your extensions and support. We are very happy with it so far I'll keep you posted


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