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The extension for Opencart online stores is packed with features to help you grow sales and make payment easier. Set down payment, frequency and duration of payment plans to make it easier for customers to make those big ticket purchases at a rate that suits their finances.

  • Seamlessly integrates a flexible payment plan offer directly into your checkout process
  • Let customers customize plans within the limits that you set
  • Automates payment processes so cash arrives in your bank account as scheduled

      You can get started quickly through easy to follow instructions that make it really simple to install on your Opencart store. And if you get stuck, we’ve got great support.

      Outstanding advantages for Opencart stores

      Easy automated payments

      Automate your collections and bill customers exactly according to your specifications with scheduled, automated payment plan payments.

      Customers customize plans

      Increase sales by offering payment plan terms that work for both you and your customers. Let customers customize plans within the limits that you set.

      Flexible manual payments

      Process already scheduled payments early, or process a custom payment in any amount and the remaining payment schedule is adjusted automatically.

      Global ecommerce-ready is available for businesses in 25 countries around the world from Australia to the US, with more being added all the time.

      Total payment plan control

      Set the down payment, frequency, term and any additional line item fees. Set your plans to fit perfectly with your business processes.

      Industry leading security features industry leading encryption and security best practices. We do not store any customer payment information.

      Convenient merchant portal

      Easily manage all of your payment plans, process payments, open payment plans and monitor payment plan activity.

      Automate communication

      Automated emails for all payment plan activity to both merchants and customers makes it
      easy to manage payment plans.

      Cash in the bank!

      Monitor your payment performance in and have your payments automatically deposited into your bank account.

      Visit for full details on hassle-free flexible payment processing

      For details on how to install and configure the extension for Opencart, please see the article on our support blog

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