Breadcrumbs SEO (Microdata/RDFa markup)

Breadcrumbs SEO (Microdata/RDFa markup)
The Breadcrumbs SEO extension is for CMS Opencart 3. It adds markup in breadcrumb trails to categorize the information from the page in search results.

Please feel free to contact me through the "GET SUPPORT" form or comments. And don't forget to rate the extension!

SPECIAL WARNING for OC v3.0.3.6 : replace the contents of the `system/modification.xml` file with the content from the following link

There are paid extensions with additional features:
Path Manager+

* Two types of markup - Microdata or RDFa.
* Removes link from the last item of a breadcrumb trail.
* Does not change original files - OCMOD modification.

Change log
* v1.3 (2018.09.19):
-- RDFa fix.
-- Removed markup from unnecessary files.
* v1.2 (2018.09.08):
-- XML-files improvement.
* v1.2 (2018.08.20):
-- RDFa markup fix.
* v1.1 (2018.08.20):
-- Markup improvements.
* v1.0 (2018.03.02):
-- First release.

How to install
* To begin, make backup, really!
* Open Admin Panel.
* Admin > Extensions > Installer > [Upload]: open the extension file.
* Admin > Extensions > Modifications > [Refresh].
* Admin > Dashboard > [Developer Settings] > [Refresh].

How to configure
No need to configure.

How to uninstall
* Make backup.
* Open Admin Panel.
* Admin > Extensions > Installer > Install History > find the extension file > [Uninstall].
* Admin > Extensions > Modifications > [Refresh].
* Admin > Dashboard > [Developer Settings] > [Refresh].


Licensed under MIT

There is something you should know
I'm Ukrainian. On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine and I have joined army to defend my country, so, as you can guess, I don't have much time to support my modules. But despite everything, if you need help - write to me and if I still alive I will try to help you.

If you want to support the Armed Force of Ukraine please use the next links:
National Bank of Ukraine.
Charitable Foundation "Come Back Aliveā€

If you want to support me personally - buy my modules, please.

Have any questions or suggestions? Write me an email on

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