Full Backend Security

Full Backend Security
Everybody knows that every website based on OpenCart has one serious security problem. It's administration folder is located on the following address yoursite.com/admin/. That makes hacker's life much easier and your website security weaker. Anyone who has got a bruteforce software can easily access the administrators login page and run the bruteforce software. If your login and password are not secure enough your website might be accessed by the thief. When we were working on our plugin we tried to make attacks on your website impossible. We contacted a lot of security experts and website owners and asked what exactly do they want to see in opencart security plugin. Right now our plugin is ready to go and it has the following functions:

- You can change the link to your administrator's login page. For example instead of entering yoursite.com/admin/ you can set up a link which is going to look like yoursite.com/admin/?SecureWord. The only one person who's gonna know SecureWord is you, in the result nobody but you will have a chance to access opencart administrator's page. Every time when someone tries to login as admin, he will be redirected to the home page and you get an alert about it.

- You can set up an IP block for any users that tried to access your administrators page. As well as you can enter your IP address in a safe list and never be worried that someone else will get the access to your website.

- You can set up a Captcha for your administrator's panel.

- Plugin sends notifications by email and telegram app to your mobile after successful and failed login actions with detailed information about the user and his location. If someone wants to hack or bruteforce the passwords of your administrator account, you will get full information about the attacker.

Notice: After downloading please contact ocbackendsecure@gmail.com to get activation key.
Notice: For versions below 2.0.* required VQMOD installed


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4 Mar 2018
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