Elfsight Testimonials Slider

Elfsight Testimonials Slider
Elfsight Testimonials Slider module is a simple and easy-to-use tool for those who want to display customers’ testimonials on the website in the most effective way. Just install it to any page of your website to show positive interaction with clients and improve your business credibility.

Try live demo: https://elfsight.com/testimonials-slider-widget/opencart/

Increase your customer trust and strengthen your reputation, displaying reliable and trustworthy testimonials. Make positive user experiencу act as emotional persuading to increase conversion of your website.

  • Make your testimonials really trustworthy by using names, photos, logos and links.
  • Achieve better interaction with your clients showing real user experience of your product.
  • Improve your conversion rate and attract new reviews by social proof of trust.

Our OpenCart Testimonials Slider module is extremely easy to install and it doesn’t require coding skills. Yet it’s reach in one-click-available features, which will help you in your business needs.

Testimonials to trust
We have embedded into our app everything to make your testimonials trustworthy and strong. You are free to enrich them with detailed info about the author, including name, position, company name, logo, website URL, and add a photo for higher trust. You can also prove that the author is real by adding an icon with link to the social account next to the name.

Full author data
One of the most important things about testimonials is looking trustworthy to your clients. A good way to achieve this is to provide full info about the author. With our app you can not only show the author’s name, but also use the caption to reveal author’s position and company, add a photo or related picture.

Total trust with social profile URL
Don’t stop at showing only info - add author’s Facebook or Twitter profile URL, to prove this person is real. You will see an icon near the author’s name, it will link to their profile. Your visitors will be able to follow the link by pressing the icon and make sure that they deal with a testimonial written by a real individual - achieve 100% trust!

Brands to add weight
Some popular brand left a feedback about your products? Or you would like to strengthen your reputation and show your testimonials are from really existing companies? That's simple! Just add the company’s logo and provide link to their website and it will contribute to the credibility and even raise your status.

Layouts for 99.9% of use-cases
Our app is ready for any task you need. It will find the right columns distribution for you and represent them the optimum way automatically, with no effort from your side. Just choose your layout: slider to display your testimonials as a part of some page; and grid if there’s a whole page devoted to testimonials on your OpenCart - your testimonials will look seamless and attractive.

Smart columns distribution
No more pain searching for the optimum number of the columns per page! We embedded a smart column calculation and distribution into our app. It will choose the number of testimonials displayed, based on the widget settings and its position on your site. Your testimonials will look their best anywhere on your site viewed from any device.

Slider Layout
This layout is for displaying testimonials carousel on your page. It’s the right choice if you need your testimonials as a freestanding unit, be it a product page or any other page of your site. Use arrows, touch moves and pagination to view the testimonials, navigation will work perfectly on any device.

Grid Layout
We have an option for those who would like to devote a whole page to the testimonials, too! Grid layout will manage this task perfectly, it allows testimonials to fill all the content area and look really impressive. This is also an illustrative way to represent a single detailed testimonial. And yes, it will perfectly fit any website design.

Testimonial Templates
At Elsight we analyze our clients’ needs and offer the most effective solutions. Based on best practice, we embedded into OpenCart Testimonials Slider six ready-to-use templates to suit any use-case. We group them into two categories, basing on the general concept of displaying testimonials: to focus on the most prominent stories, or to show as many of them as possible.

Single templates for client stories
Your customers have some story to tell? Give it the way! Our app is equipped with a number of single templates to display your testimonials one by one: classic, spotlight, postcard. Each one is a perfect variant to represent a story of customer experience or accentuate readers’ attention to any of them.

Tiled templates for multiple testimonials
That is not a bad idea to boast that you have a whole lot of happy customers and show all their testimonials at once! Use one of our tiled templates to display several testimonials at the same time. Choose classic, balloon, or postcard - each one was designed to present precious feedback from customers as attractive testimonials.

The Testimonials Slider Module is provided by Elfsight Apps
Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that features apps to extend and diversify your website functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others).
This Module acts as a bridge between your website and Elfsight Apps Service, connecting the two together. It takes the Module you’ve configured at Elfsight Apps and displays it right on your website.
If you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account, setting it up is totally free, and only takes you about a minute.

How to add Testimonials to OpenCart website
This Module is unbelievably easy to install. After downloading the Module zip, you need to install it on your website, create and configure a Module, and copy-paste its code into any page or your website template.

Still haven’t checked our modules live? Press OpenCart extensions to see more cool tools for your website.

Free installation service
Our Support Team will be happy to install the module for you, or to answer any questions that might come up. Contact us at apps@elfsight.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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