Save Cart As Link for OpenCart 3.x

Save Cart As Link for OpenCart 3.x
Save Cart As Link
This extension is for Opencart 3.x.
If you're looking for our Save Cart As Link for 1.5.x and 2.x versions - click here.


This modification allows customer or store owner save all products in the cart as one URL. Anywone who will visit this link will be directed to the cart filled with the same products that were in it at the moment of saving.


  • Support of all opencart versions 3.x;
  • Support Journal 3 theme out of the box
  • Many configurable options (see screenshot or demo)
  • Extension does not overwrite any OpenCart or theme file.

Tipical usage scenarious:

  1. Store owner prepares the cart for the customer and sends it to him. Customer just click on the link and order/pay for the goods,
  2. Customer saves the products in the cart for later use, e.g. if he decides to complete order later,
  3. Customer sends the link to somebody else (my wishlist, products you should see, etc.).

Demonstration User: demo
Password: demo

Save Cart As Link Module Settings Screenshot

Save Cart As Link Module Screenshot of View Cart Page


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What customers say about Save Cart As Link for OpenCart 3.x

The new extension version 5.0.3 work perfect. Correct links with many many products in cart and is compatible with Journal 3 theme & Friendly Seo extensions. Perfect work , perfect support.
Very good extension. I can now send my customers pre-invoices/carts to be paid for.


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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