Abandoned Carts Free & Open Source v1.2.9

Abandoned Carts Free & Open Source v1.2.9
3/31/20 - I no longer use Opencart, so it's unlikely I'll continue to maintain this extension. You are free to continue using it or fork it, if you wish to take ownership of maintenance. If you do, please adhere to the license.


Completely free, open source extension to recover lost sales -- no need to register with any 3rd party site for functionality. This extension works out of the box and no data leaves your server to any 3rd party marketers.

For Open Cart
May work in other 2.x shops, but has not been tested to confirm compatibility. I can only support bugs/issues.

Multi-language compatible:

Want to contribute a language? Please submit as a pull request.

Easy to use:

  • Self-extracting in OCMOD format
  • Quick configuration (3 options!)
  • Unique emails customized to the prospect; complete with their first name and cart contents
  • No technical skill required for use; tick a checkbox, click send and you're done.

How it works:
Send automated emails to prospective clients at the click of a button.
Be notified in your admin dash via the alert panel when a new bailed cart is detected.

See if important bugfixes or new features have been released since your last install or upgrade, view the [url=https://notabug.org/angela/abandoned-carts-opencart/src/master/CHANGELOG.md[/url].

This extension works completely within your own shop. The plugin codebase makes an assessment of users' carts who went through the checkout process but failed to submit payment and will also alert you if more than one record is found for the user (this could be from both a bailed cart, but they returned at a later time to purchase or because they're trying multiple times to checkout but something is preventing them from completing their order).

Now, you can send them an email to trigger either 1) the order! or b) highly important feedback you may have not gotten without this extension!

There is no third-party tracking code or unnecessary monitoring required to take advantage of its functionality.

For support, bugs, issues - or if you want to view the source; head to the repository on notabug.org
You can also post requests in the comments, but posting to the repository will yield quicker responses.

Note: This plugin will not auto-send emails without your consent. It will alert you via your admin dashboard any time a bailed cart is detected and you can review what it finds and make a decision of whether or not to contact the users.

Onepage Checkout Users
This extension is fully compatible with Onepage Checkouts, however, you may also want to consider utilizing Purge Ghost Orders to free up bloat in your system left behind by OPC:

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great works!

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