Opencart Bulk SMS

Opencart Bulk SMS
Opencart Bulk SMS allows you to send bulk SMS using MSG91 gateway. You can send your message to customers, affiliates etc in a single click. The module is rich of features that are listed below.

1.Modules uses MSG91 gateway.
2. Send SMS in bulk.
3. Send SMS to all customers.
4. Send SMS to selected customers.
5. Send SMS to all affiliate.
6. Send SMS to selected affiliate.
7. Send SMS to all newsletter subscribers.
8. Send SMS to selected customer group.
9. Send SMS to customers who have ordered the selected products.
10. Send SMS to any numbers.
11. Customer and admin both will receive SMS when order will be placed.
12. Customer and admin both will receive SMS when any new customer is registered.
13. You can customize the order and customer message as per your need.
14. Admin can see the message history.
15. Admin can resend the messages.

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