Slasoft Opencart Yandex.translate 2.3

Slasoft Opencart Yandex.translate 2.3
Do not expect any translator replce the human translation at this moment, but when you are working on thousands of products, you may export and import the products for translation (which drive a lot of stress to server) or copy and paste from translation into Opencart admin.

If you do use the Google translate on store front, whatever it translate something "awkward", you cannot edit it.
This extension install the translate API at the Opencart admin side with Yandex, thus it helps you to translate for
PCI (Products, Categories and Information pages)

* 1-click to translate selected products, categories page depends on the language pack you installed,
* Bulk translate selected and translate,
* After translate, you can edit wherever to suit more human translate need, but save much time for typing, just need to proof-read and edit,
* It will translate the title, description, meta tag title and whatever you have input for the fields of that page,
* Filter the products for bulk select translate, and also can search with "Empty Description", thus to help you find out any products missing for translation.

在中国没有 Google 的日子,就用 Yandex 吧!包你有意外惊喜。(但没有繁体中文)
Supported 33 languagesm and Russia’s Yandex outpaces Google Translate as it quietly beta tests Papiamento, Udmurt, and Mari languages

Russian search engine Yandex and its open machine translation service Yandex.Translate has been beta-testing Western (Hill) Mari, Eastern Mari, Papiamento, and Udmurt. The effort takes advantage of the company’s local expertise to target language groups US-based Alphabet and its Google Translate product have not yet cataloged.
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For example:
Opencart translate Chinese to English

What it does?
This extension will help you to translate the Product page in Opencart admin (Not Store Front) for the whole page input fields such as:
Product Name
Meta Tag Title
up to 5000 characters instantly.
- It has the filter thus you can select
Product Name, Model, Price, Quantity and status, also you can select those with "Empty Description"
- Multi-langauges supported, if your system has more than 2 languages, you can select which language to translate from with "Bulk translate Products"
Opencart translate English to Chinese

You will need to get the Yandex API key,
How to get Yandex API key

*Language pack is not included.
You will need your own language packs and get the Yandex API to translate from Opencart admin, if you want to have a look of demo, please Open a Ticket here to request temperary user name and password.

Please notice that Yandex does not provide the Traditional Chinese yet. See the link to find out which languages support.
Get the list of supported languages
Read more HERE


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