Autocomplete No More - The Most Comprehensive A/C Replacer 3.x

Autocomplete No More - The Most Comprehensive A/C Replacer 3.x
v3.0.1.2 - 11 Dec 2020

Autocomplete No More - The Most Comprehensive Autocomplete Removal Tool for Opencart - For Opencart 3.x
Do you hate Autocomplete? Do you lament the demise of the Traditional Category, Manufacturer and Related Products Links from the Product editing page?

Well now you can rejoice - they're back !

This mod replaces the autocomplete method of linking to manufacturer, categories and related products with the traditional dropdown list and checkbox styles that we all know and love (well, many of us anyway).

This is the most comprehensive autocomplete replacement tool currently available on Opencart and it represents truly excellent value for money.

If you want Autocomplete No More for Opencart 2.x go here

Removes Autocomplete From:
    Product Page
  • Manufacturer
  • Categories
  • Filter
  • Downloads
  • Related Products
  • Attributes
  • Options]
    Category Page
  • Parent Category *
  • Filters
    Featured Products Module
  • Product Selection

*This extension also removes the ability to set the parent category as one of it's own sub categories - for example, in the default installation it is possible to set the Desktop categories parent as Desktop > Mac (!)

Products : Links, Attribute and Option Tabs
Categories : Data Tab
Featured Products : Click Here

Unzip all of the files and install the file via the extension installer by navigating to Extensions > Install from the admin control panel

What customers say about Autocomplete No More - The Most Comprehensive A/C Replacer 3.x

Excellent customer service and very fast. Great plugin. Works great.


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