Product Manager-Quick Edit

Product Manager-Quick Edit
What is TMD OpenCart Product Quick Edit and how is it beneficial for bulk product editing?
The bulk product edit module enhances productivity and store management. It can save a lot of time for admin multiple products can be updated from single product list page. Admin does not have to navigate to each product edit page to update the data. It has given the option to add and remove the products fields from fields list section, use advanced filter to search the products, upload the image, etc.
It use the Ajax technology to support all the latest browsers.

This OpenCart product manager extension comes with a lot of features that lets admin to update the products faster. Here are some benefits

1. Select Only those columns whose data need to update in the Product list:
It gets all the fields of products in the columns option. You just need to select the fields and they will display in the grid section of the product list page. These fields automatically fetched the values from the product.

2. Hide Columns option is available:
Open the fields list and just un-select the product field that you don't require to update the data. Those fields will disappear instantly. You can keep the bulk product update layout clean by removing unnecessary fields. And give more focus on updating the products.

3. Search the product with a filter:
There are 9 filter options given to search the products. Find the products by applying the category, manufacturer, product name, quantity, stock, SKU, status, model, etc fitlers.
The matching products will display in the product gridview with the selected fields.

4. Bulk Update products Without Navigating the Product edit page:
This OpenCart product manager quick edit module can update the bulk products at once. Edit the field value and hit the save button of a single product to update the single product or you can save multiple products at once. All the products in the list will be updated using the AJAX technology without refreshing the page.
You can update the value of each field or bulk update the product fields together.

5. Enable or disable multiple Products at once:
Status fields also present along with other fields in the columns fields list. The toggle value represents the status of the product. You can enable or disable the bulk products by changing the toggle value. It will update the product's status.

6.Upload images:
It is one of the important options for an OpenCart product edit manager. Admin can select the image field from the column so that it will display on gridview. Now you can see the image of the products. Update the product's image by clicking on the image, It will open the default OpenCart image uplaod popup. This extension will automatically link the image to that product.

7.Link of View and Edit Product is available:
Each product in the product list gridview has the edit and view link. After updating content of the product, you can see the product by clicking the view button. It will take you to the page directly.
Also, If you like to update the product by going to the OpenCart product edit page just hit the edit button.

8.OpenCart Bulk Product Editing supports Multi-language:
If your website is targeting different-different regions and languages. You can update the content of the product in the multi-language too in the product edit manager. All languages will display one below or another in the gridview. Just update the content in a specific language.

9.Compatible with Multi-Store:
This OpenCart product manager module will show in all the stores if you are running the multi-store website. You do not need to worry about compatiblity of module as it supports the multi-store feature of OpenCart. In each stroe you can navigate to product edit manager through the menu located at the left menu bar.

10.Supported OpenCart versions:
It uses the OCMod. That makes it compatible with the latest version of OpenCart and the older versions 3x, 2x too. You can install this extension on your website and it will work perfectly. It is another plug-and-play extension by TMD.

11.OpenCart's default Ajax is used to keep data secure:

Ajax technology gives us the flexibility to update the data in the background. Unlike traditional OpenCart technology. We used AJAX technology to eliminate the refresh and loading time that give the better user experience. The admin will more focus on the product edit.


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