Payment & Shipping Methods Based On Customer Groups

Payment & Shipping Methods Based On Customer Groups

Have multiple shipping & payment methods that you want to show differently to different customer groups, but don’t have way to do so. To do this task, this extension is handy and automatically shows up the shipping & payment methods according to the login customer–customer group. Let’s take an example that you have different shipping method and payment methods for the wholesaler customer group, but to default customers you want small and common shipping & payment methods. By using this extension, you can achieve this easily. Admin interface and so clean and easy to use, just install the extension and choose which shipping payment methods need to show on customer groups, that’s all you need to do.

1. Set different payment methods for different customer groups
2. Set different shipping methods for different customer groups
3. Works with all one-page and quick checkouts
4. No core files remove or overwritten
5. Both VQMOD and ODMOD modification XML files available
6. Multi-Store supported
7. Support Journal theme + All other major themes
8. Quality code by professionals among market
9. Follow OpenCart code architecture
10. Simple module installation and enable/disable at anytime
11. Well organize documentation and presentation
12. Simple and easy installation
13. Dedicated support team for free and quick extension support

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