Admin Protector

Admin Protector
Enable login prompt for the admin folder, preventing exploiting bugs and security holes in opencart admin. Simple, yet powerful way to prevent attacks to your admin.

NO CODING REQUIRED, NO ADMIN STUFF TO KNOW! Install it in a usual way through Extension installer and manage your username and passwords from the Opencart admin. The module handles username and password database as well as installing the necessary files on the server.

Important! This module will work only on Apache web server for the moment (this will cover 99% of the cases, if you are unsure, ask me in the comments or via support system), so if you are running your Opencart on Windows, or nginx webserver, please don't use it.

Main functionality:

  • Protect the /admin folder of your store with password prompt, preventing admin hackers exploiting any security holes or bugs in the admin.
  • Add/Delete users directly from opencart admin
  • Enable and disable the login prompt from the admin

Why having this is beneficial for your opencart?

  • Simply blocking the entire folder gives extra security, and the attacker need to break this authentication first, before event trying to exploit the Opencart holes (if found)
  • No messing with admin folder paths - some admin extensions rely that admin folder is in /admin location, so they could not be installed properly or even won't work at all if the folder is renamed.

Unfortunately I won't add a Demo (screenshots show everything), as all you could see is a password prompt, which will prevent the other users from trying the other extensions of the server.

BTW, check that website: - you can see all extensions from Opencart Marketplace, scored by sales or downloads.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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14 May 2024

7 May 2018
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