Multilanguage Editor (Translate Helper)

Multilanguage Editor (Translate Helper)
With this extension you can:

1. Find files that are missing in a language and create/edit them.
2. Find files that exist but do not contain all the literals as the one in your primary language and edit them.
3. Find literals that exist but have not been translated in other languages.
4. Locate and edit a literal by searching for it by its text value or by its key.
5. Browse and edit all files while seeing all the translations side by side.
6. Create a new literal for all languages at the same time.

This extension helps you view, compare, edit, search the litterals of your website for all languages and also add new ones. It lets you know which litterals are missing in a language and allows you to add them without ever leaving the admin page. You can view a file in all languages side by side making it easy to translate them.

You can also use this extension to find literals that are the same in multiple languages. This is useful because when you download an extension it usualy comes in one language forcing you to copy the language files to all language folders. So literals that are the same across languages are most likely in need of translation.


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13 May 2019

23 May 2018
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