Xtensions Best Paypal pro

Xtensions Best Paypal pro
Paypal Pro Seamless Module with beautiful design

Please note the seamless module will only work on Paypal Pro account merchants. Paypal pro is charged at 30USD per month by Paypal.

  1. Use Payment module integrated in your site and user will never leave your site to Paypal.
  2. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover and Maesto cards supported.
  3. Card validations API used and tested with all types of Cards and patterns
  4. Expiry date validation, name, card number, and cvv validations are set in place,
  5. Beautiful layout feel like a details are getting entered in card
  6. Validates as details are filled, algorithm identifies the card from pattern and displays
  7. No role of Paypal the processing happens in your site at the time of checkout.

See the demo and contact support for any questions.

Note: SSL certificate is advised to use any seamless module in your site, however module will work without SSL certificate.

Looks best with our Best Checkout and works with all checkout. Do consider buying Best Checkout

What customers say about Xtensions Best Paypal pro

FINALLY. Its simply horrific and sad just how bad default Paypal pro looks, its been driving me crazy for years. Now my Paypal pro looks modern and user friendly, this'll definitely improve how it converts. Thanks a million, money well spent


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  • Documentation Included


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