Autocomplete 3x - enhanced autocomplete for the admin

Autocomplete 3x - enhanced autocomplete for the admin
Autocomplete 3x - enhanced autocomplete for search goods in the admin area

Standard search with autocomplete shows only name of product and is looking only by name with the initial match.

Autocomplete 3x significantly expands the possibilities for easy search, allowing you to search for products by Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location and Manufacturer's name, with the ability to search by multiple words or their parts.

- in the Product List
- in the Product card when selecting Related products
- in the Featured module
- when editing the Order (for adding products to order)
- in Reviews List and when create a Review (in admin part)
- in the Marketing > Coupon
- in the Marketing > Mail (when creating a mailing list by purchased goods)

✔ Flexible setting to search and display results
✔ Shows product images in search results
✔ Shows price of goods, including special
✔ Shows additional field of the goods (available is Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN or Location)
✔ Search by name or any part of name
✔ Search products by Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN & Location
✔ Shows the Product's manufacturer and search goods by Manufacturer's name
✔ Displays the Product quantity
✔ Quick Links to navigate to the product page in the storefront and into edit him in the admin panel (links open in new windows)
✔ Search by a combination of words or their parts (space is used as a separator)
✔ Choosing a limit of results

Ability to hide disabled or missing products in the enhanced autocomplete list
✔ visual highlighting of disabled products in the list when they are displayed
✔ visual highlighting of products with zero quantity (when quantity display enabled)

Works with Opencart 3000 - 303x
Doesn't change the core files (uses OCMOD)
Doesn't create the additional fields or tables in DB
If the module "Autocomplete 3x" is disabled - will used standard autocomplete mechanism

Similar solutions
Autocomplete 2x module for Opencart 2x available here
Autocomplete Plus module for Opencart 15x available here

1. Upload archive in Extensions > Installer
2. Refresh the modification cache (press Refresh button) in Extensions > Modifications
3. Refresh theme cache in Dashboard > Developer Settings
4. Install & configure "Autocomplete 3x" module in Extensions > Modules
5. Add permissions for extension/autocompleteplus for necessary groups in System > Users > User Groups



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