OLX integration

OLX integration
OLX integration

Automatically send products to OLX. Insert advert from OLX to store. Uplpoad categories, synchronize advert, and other.

• Compatible with OpenCart versions to /Ask for more info/

1) Upload extention
2) Install extention
3) Refresh modification
4) Become OLX partner: Get Client ID and Client secret from https://goo.gl/forms/VudPa2Th5IIfBuZz1
5) You must specify Callback URL. To do that please contact support-partner-api [ .at. ] olx.com.
You can find "Callback URL" in bottom of settings tab.
6) You must have minimum one active advert in OLX!
7) Fill all inputs in "Settings" tab and save.
8) Get account information - Click "Get user" button.
9) Get OLX categories - Click "Get categories" button. IMPORTANT: Category list is long and take 2-5 minutes to download. Pleace wait!
10) Get license key: send us email width your domain to msa [ .at. ] devbg.eu. We will send you license key.
11) All is done!

1) In tab "Adverts from store" - Chose product or category from store, choise OLX category and add products to OLX, You can synchronize, refresh, activate, deactivate or delete advert from OLX.
2) In tab "Adverts from OLX" - Download adverts form OLX. You can add advert to store, Choise store category and add advert.
3) Synchronize all products with one click or Cron Job

DEMO video

Available for:
OLX PL https://www.olx.pl/
OLX BG https://www.olx.bg/
OLX RO https://www.olx.ro/
OLX PT https://www.olx.pt/
OLX UA https://www.olx.ua/
OLX KZ https://www.olx.kz/
OLX UZ https://www.olx.uz/

======== 24.01.2019 ========
Bug fix, and new features
======== 13.11.2018 ========
Working with OLX API v2
======== 21.06.2018 ========
Add Category products upload
Add Mass synchronize
Add synchronize OLX category params wdth sotre attribute or option
Add Cron job synchronize
Support OpenCart v 3.x
======== 5.07.2018 ========
Support OpenCart v 1.5.х

For support, questions or bug reports, please contact me.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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