OpenCart Coupon Game

OpenCart Coupon Game
Opencart Coupon Game- Opencart Coupon Game module will integrate the game feature into your Opencart store and let your customers win exciting and exclusive discounts. The customers can easily redeem their won discounts on their orders.


  • Can define the game title which will be displayed at the front-end.
  • Configure the game graphics like target image, firing controller image, the background image for the game.
  • Configure the speeds of the target and firing object.
  • Specify the discount percentage for the user at per correct hit on the dropping(target) object.
  • Enable/disable the game replay feature.
  • Configure the coupon code usage limit the user can use.
  • Two games for the users, one is Gravity Arch which is a default game and the other is General game.
  • The admin can even create the mail template which will be sent to the customer upon the successful win of the discount.
  • On the front-end, the customer can play the game on the “Contact Us” page.
  • An email will be sent to the users for coupon details.
  • The mail will display a discount percentage the customer has won, coupon code the customer can use and the expiration date of the coupon code.
  • On the shopping cart page, the customer can easily redeem the discount value using the coupon code.
  • The customers can navigate to their Order History to view the details of the order for which the coupon was applied.
  • The admin can view the complete list of the coupon codes the customers have won.

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