Competition System

Competition System
The Opencart Competition Systems lets you run competitions from your online store. Everyone likes something for free - this can generate a lot of traffic and potential new customers to your site.

This is a fully featured competition system that is capable of running in multiple languages and across multiple stores.

The main elements of the system are as follows:

  • The competition system is capable of running multiple competitions at once;
  • Competitions are date enabled and customers can't enter after the given date;
  • You can set an optional question/answer for the customer to complete;
  • You can optionally set a login requirement (ie. have to create account first);
  • Competitions can be set for auto entry based on order value;
  • You can optionally force newsletter sign-up (Terms and Conditions Required)
  • Optional (though recommended) terms and conditions tick box;
  • Old competition details are still viewable so customers can see what they may have missed out on and perhaps revisit your site to see if there are any new competitions to enter (and hopefully buy something);
  • Old competitions show the winner(s) name;
  • The module is the way to advertise your competition - the module will show (a snippet of) the latest competition;
  • Entrants can only enter the competion once (once per email address);
  • The winner(s) is picked by random selection and is saved for future reference (whilst the competition exists) and can be emailed directly from the admin; You can set the number of winners you require.
  • Select winner(s) from all entries or only correct entries with the option of deleting incorrect entries also.
  • SEO, mutli-store and multi-language enabled;
  • Now includes Thumbnail images for Modules and Competition List.
  • Admin sets number of winners (from 1 to 999) per competition.
  • Competition Newsletter 'Unsubscribe' Page.
  • NEW:Question changed to Multi-Choice

Upto Opencart 2.3.x upload files by FTP. Requires vQmod to work.
Opencart 3.x install using the Extension Installer.

Instructions for Opencart 3.x can be found here: Competition Instructions

Auto Entry:
It is now possible to set competitions as 'Auto Entry'. If a compeititon is set as Auto Entry then it is not possible to enter the competition from the Competition Page, instead of the entry form a message (set in admin) is shown which you can use to state the entry requirements.

Auto entry ignores the question/answer, force login and newsletter signup options, it simply enters the customer in to the competition if their order value is higher than the value that is set in the admin.

If you run mulitiple Auto Entry Competitions at the same time, then the customer will be entered into all eligible competitions based on order value.

In line with the rest of the system, customers can only be entered into a competition once, they won't be entered into the competition after the end date and they won't be entered if the Competition or Auto Entry has been disabled. (Customers don't get a Auto Entry Competition Entry confirmation email at present).

Click Here for Catalog Demo

Click Here for Admin Demo

Admin: test
Pass: test

Naviage to Sales > Competitions (the 'email winner' link has been disabled for the demo)

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