Alert Manager - manage your notifications

Alert Manager - manage your notifications
Alert Manager allows you to manage alert notification windows of different types.
Alert example:

Types of Alerts:
  • On product page
    - Besides You, there are # people who are also viewing this product now.
    - This product was purchased by # people today.
    - This product was purchased by # people this week.
  • On category page
    - Currently this category is viewed by # other people.
    - TOP purchased products this week (together with the links to products)
  • On all pages
    - Someone has just bought this product (together with a link to the product)
    - CUSTOM alerts

Module Features:
  • General settings
    - Set position where alert will be shown (top/bottom + left/center/right)
    - Delay before alert is shown (in secs.)
    - Alert Duration (in secs.)
    - Show progress bar (elapsed time until alert is not closed)
    - En/Disable closing alert on hover
    - En/Disable closing alert on click
    - En/Disable debug mode with general configuration (alerts will be displayed on site, not in the admin panel)
  • Alert settings
    - En/Disable alert
    - Restrict by working hours and working weekdays (e.g. don't show any alert at night on Sundays)
    - Restrict showing alert by customer group
    - Restict shiwing alert only on specified pages (e.g. show only on shopping cart page)
    - Set alert title (if not set, will be without title)
    - Type of alert window (SUCCESS - green, INFO - blue, WARNING - yellow, ERROR - red)
    - Enable alert display without auto-closing
    - Ignore showing alert again during the next # minutes
  • Set source of data for alert "Someone recently bought"(can be either "real data only" or "real + random data"
  • Set interval (in minutes) by which we should search latest purchased product data for alert "Someone recently bought"
  • Restrict display products by price range (for alert "Someone recently bought")
  • Generate random product from one of the categories. If none is selected, the filter "by categories" will not be applied. (for alert "Someone recently bought")
  • Collect statistics by referral product visits through alert windows + displaying this statistics in Admin Panel

DEMO (Opencart

Future plans/work
  • Add DEMO
  • Add support for OC 3.x
  • Add possibility to configure colors
  • Add possibility to set icons
  • Add possibility to create CUSTOM alerts
  • Add possibility to restrict display of CUSTOM alerts by site sections (e.g.: category, product page, etc.)
  • Add possibility to restrict display of CUSTOM alerts by customer groups

Notice that this module spreads by the rule 1 domain (incl. sub-domains) = 1 license.
You cannot sell/resell/give away/or distribute this module files without author consent.
Respect developers' time and work, be honest.

License type: "as is"

For any questions, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail (dev.dashko at
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